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Having followers will make you appear trustworthy and as someone of higher value enticing people to listen.

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Influencers earn up to $500,000 a post! Get paid for promotions or advertise your business!


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Building your online presence is necessary in the 21st century. Start today and be configure your targets in 2 minutes!

Rapid Growth

Our average client grows between 1-10k followers each month. This varies on, quality of your content and related niche of account.

Custom Targeting

Our team of  professionals will directly target users in your niche that are likely to convert to followers.

Trusted by 15,000+ Instagrammers

With a 95% monthly retention rate, EngagementBoost has successfully transformed the engagement/following of over 15,000 Instagram accounts. We take every client seriously which has allowed us to achieve great results!


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The Safest Instagram Growth Platform

All your information is safe and secure as our site is fully encrypted. We always stay well within Instagram's like and follow limits so you're never at risk. All of the methods we use to grow your account are 100% organic and encouraged by the platform - no fake followers or bots.


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The Only Working Service With Proven Growth Strategies

To grow your following/engagement, we provide you with software that automatically performs actions such as like bursts, following & more via your account. These same growth methods are used by leading influencers such as Tony Robins, Mcdonalds, Forbes, HBO, Target and more...


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Questions & Answers

Is my account safe?

Our service is by far the safest Instagram growth solution available. Our team makes sure that your account always operates within Instagram's rate limits when performing actions, thus keeping your account safe at all times, while still providing you fast growth!

How fast will I grow?

Most of our clients grow from ~1-10k followers per month. However, how fast you grow depends on how often you post, the quality of your content and your ability to connect with fans. We provide growth tools which when combined with great content work to their highest ability.

How do you grow my account?

Your account will grow through us performing thousands of interactions with users in your niche to gain the attention of real followers. These may include liking, commenting, following and more!

Are my followers 100% real?

Yes. Followers are gained through engagements made with users in your chosen niche. Therefore, your followers will be interested in your content and will follow you for that reason - making them a legitimate fan.

How long will it take for me to start growing?

You can begin growing within 2 minutes of joining EngagementBoost!

How can I maximise my growth?

The best ways to maximise growth include posting at least once a day. being in constant communication with your audience and posting high quality content likely to hit the explore page with enticing captions to encourage feedback from followers.

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